PTR Code of Ethics

As a PTR member, not only must you strive to be the best teaching professional you can, but you must also fulfil the obligations of being an upstanding citizen and role model to your students, to your community, and to the tennis teaching and coaching community at large. All PTR members are expected to maintain and observe a sound base of moral integrity and to exemplify the highest ideals of our profession.
PTR requires strict adherence to the following Code of Ethics:


  1. All members must be fair, honest, and sportsmanlike at all times, conduct themselves in a professional manner both on and off the court and exemplify the highest standards of moral character.
  2. Members must meet their financial responsibilities promptly and honour their contracts.
  3. Members should continue to enhance their professional goals by continuing educational pursuits, seminars, conventions, etc., and striving for excellence through professional development.
  4. Personal grooming habits should be of the highest standard. Respect each place you work, play or visit so that you are in accordance with their standards as well.
  5. Teach and abide by the rules of the game in letter and in spirit.
  6. Always respect officials and their decisions.
  7. A member shall not give or solicit lessons where a resident professional is employed, unless prior approval has been given.
  8. Encourage healthy respect for your fellow colleagues and Professional Tennis Registry.
  9. As a current PTR member, I understand that I can display the PTR logo on my advertising materials and/or my clothing to promote my
    affiliation with PTR. I also understand that if my PTR membership is not current, I cannot display the PTR logo or in any way imply that I am a member of PTR.
  10. If I cancel my PTR membership, I will cease reference to PTR in all of my materials and will not imply PTR membership in any way. If you do not renew your PTR membership, you have 24 months to reinstate your membership or risk losing your certification rating.
    PTR only relates to the member, not the business entity. Failure to do so is a violation of the Code of Ethics.
  11. If PTR members lead ethically and with intelligence, respect and compassion, the common good will emerge for them and for the entire organisation.