Dispute Resolution Services

PTR GB has appointed Paul Sandford, the Director of ASMADR (Albert Square Mediation Limited) and convener of its sports team, to provide external, independent mediation, facilitation and other ADR services in order to help assist its members who become involved in disputes of one form or another. ASMADR is independent of and has no formal links with PTR. Paul is supported by two ASMADR colleagues, Austin Chessell and Nicole Godetz.

The UK wide and international service offered is as follows:

  • To help resolve disputes involving PTR GB affiliated coaches and their clubs, be they paid employees, independent contractors or volunteers.
  • To help resolve disputes involving PTR GB coaches and third parties such as suppliers, contractors, clubs other than those with which they may have voluntary or business arrangements and any professional organisation.
  • To help resolve disputes involving PTR GB itself and either members or third parties

In cases where they provide assistance, ASMADR personnel will not in any way adjudicate, give advice or make any recommendations. Their role will be to facilitate discussion between disputing parties and help them to reach a mutually satisfactory solution. The thinking behind this is that where people who settle a disagreement on terms agreeable to them both without external interference, they are much more likely to be satisfied with the outcome and adhere to any terms agreed.

The ASMADR Sports Team has an excellent understanding of both professional and amateur sport and offers a prompt service. Accordingly, matters that otherwise might take weeks or months to resolve could be addressed very quickly at a fraction of the costs that are likely to be incurred in cases where traditional forms of dispute resolution such as court or tribunal proceedings are used. Those involved will very happily discover that considerable amounts of time have been freed up and can be put to more productive use.

ASMADR cannot accept instructions unless all those affected by a particular issue agree. It must be emphasised that its services are not offered as alternatives to those involved in individual disputes taking legal advice. In some instances, settlement terms may not be considered effective until such advice has been taken.

In many instances, ASMADR’s recommendation would be that matters are dealt with via Skype or another suitable form of online communication. Particularly in instances where disputes arise outside the Greater London area Paul or one of his colleagues will consider working online using Skype although if required, face-to-face meetings may be convened.


Paul will advise in this regard on a case-by-case basis. However, the aim will always be to provide the most appropriate, timely and cost-effective service possible.


If you have any queries including questions about charges please contact Paul on 07476 279 307 for an informal, without obligation, discussion.


Website: www.asmadr.co.uk
Email: paul.sandford@asmadr.co.uk
Telephone: 07476 279 307