PTR Courses

We run four main courses at PTR: Junior Development Certifications, Adult Certifications, Performance Certifications. Dual Certification is both Junior Development and Adult Certifications combined into a longer course.

All our courses carry 15 PTR and 12 LTA license points

PTR Coaches that have completed the main Adult or 10U course and are current members can attend another course to add to their knowledge and certifications at a cost of £350.

The cost of the course also includes membership until 30th September  2019.


Junior Development Certifications

This course is popular for those starting out in coaching and wishing to coach junior players in groups and 1 to 1 lessons. It is also suited for coaches who wish to understand the PTR model of teaching.

By the end of this course you will be able to
• Understand the competencies juniors require when moving from red to orange to green
• Gain a simple system for teaching beginner players of all ages and levels
• Understand percentage tactics and when to teach technique when the player progresses
• Understand how to run a lesson with junior players of all ages and how to differentiate between levels
• Learn how to work with parents and keep them involved in the process
You will also have the ability to gain basic knowledge of working with adults and performance players.

Performance Certifications

This course is more specialised and ideal for those coaches that have some coaching experience or have trained at a high level as a player. It is also ideal for LTA level 3/4 coaches.

By the end of this course you will understand
• How to plan a players programme through periodisation planning
• Match Charting
• Understanding bio-mechanics and the various types of shots used in the game
• Understanding styles of play and how to combat these
• Basic tennis psychology systems for your players
• Working with parents
• Coaching squads
• Advanced doubles tactics
• Maturation of players


Adult Certifications

One of our most popular courses this course is suited to those who have never coached before and wish to work with beginner and intermediate players or those that have completed the level 1 or 2 LTA courses.

By the end of the course you will be able to
• Diagnose technical errors in a players game
• Know how to teach 22 different shots in simplified progressions
• Run effective drills and practices
• Understand how to communicate, demonstrate and organise groups of players
• Understand basic doubles tactics
You will also be given basic knowledge on how to work with juniors and performance players.