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“The Dual PTR Certification has been hugely helpful in the development of my interest and career in tennis coaching. The coaches and staff were a joy!”

Nick Allen

Dual Certification - July 2018

“This was an excellent course – very informative and friendly. I would recommend the course to everyone looking for a career in tennis coaching.”

Zico Davies

Dual Certification - July 2018

“As well as all the main key points we went through it was also the  examples of what works which really made the knowledge of coaching a lot easier to take on.”

David Kane

Dual Certification - August 2019


Parental chat with the Junior Player

Parental chat with the Junior Player

The tennis match has ended. Your child played very well in the game and they won the match in style. The comments you make are very positive and you sound very happy with the world. “You played so well today. I have never seen you hit the ball as good as that! Carry...

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Expectations of a Tennis Parent…

Expectations of a Tennis Parent…

As parents whose child undertakes an activity, whether that is a sport, instrument or endeavour; we pay for that coach to teach our child to improve, and we would also hope that they also teach some life-skills along the way…

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